doing it in Carlsbad with the Barrons

Doing it now because tomorrow is just too late.  Fortuna Juvat Audaces

​George        Majo


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DOING IT now !!!  because tomorrow is just to late to enjoy life

Life in the Oregon wilds with the Barrons

Martins in the             arizona heat

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  • Holding Out for a Hero5:48
  • Eye of the Tiger4:03
  • We Will Rock You (Remastered 2011)2:02
  • We Are The Champions (Remastered 2011)2:59

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​​Fortune favors the brave...      

That is the motto of this family and we live boldly and bravely. Life goes up and it goes down... just like the swell of the ocean... we ride the highs and swim the lows..a tough swell or two in your life makes it real..

​        Rock on....