February 2017.. We lost little Killa to an unforseen illness... Thanks little guy for bringing such joy to us for so long...We will miss you..

You never know how high you'll go until you're there... Congratulations Chief Martin... BIG D

Sporting the Heisenburg look after radiation....Thanks Aura, Chris and Sindy for taking care of my bro...He has just left us on the last day of April 2017. RIP Bro.

  • If It Be Your Will3:44
  • Dance Me to the End of Love4:40
  • Closing Time5:57

We lost OBI in MARCH 2017... Thank you for bringing us so much joy... travel well friend

RRR.  Ranger Robert serving us in the US Army.

Mags starting her career at MESA Airlines.. Way to go.

My bro got cancer... Word to the wise... "Don't smoke"... He was writing until the end.  Boy did he love his music.  Bye Bro.


Turning 18 already... Bobby in the center... The first of a new generation.

News around the world that affects us

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Saint Peter had the piano tuned ,
and Gabriel dusted off his horn
Cuz Dave got called to the Pearly Gates
Real early Sunday mourn
I know the Devil really fought
For my Brothers ivory tickling skills
and the Devil’s band plays where it’s Hot
Dave would‘ve headlined his bill

I must believe St Peter was a fan
And to his bedside he did fly

Cuz the devils been offering Dave all sorts of things
For sooner he should die
Cuz the devil had big plans for the band
And he would never lie

So Peter offers heaven and peace
But Dave prefers smokes and beer
Peter offers a book deal
A literary career
Dave is holding out
With his life in the mirror
What else could St Peter offer Dave
To assure to heaven he would steer
Peter offers half naked angels
For David to ever-after leer
Dave thinks it over and quietly
With his eyes full of tears

Sorry Devil “I gotta go,
I can’t stay with you here”
I really enjoyed our time together
But for Hell… I won’t volunteer.